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The Gadget Show

Bank Holiday Special

April 1st 2013 saw Channel have the boys playing The Gadget show garden party, testing outdoor speakers, bbqs and exploding melons using only the power of the mind [ok and a little compressed air]. It was a hoot of a day. Hope you didn't miss it!

A Parting of the Waves

"The Hardest Act To Follow Since The Parting Of The Red Sea​"

Said Paul Jones on his BBC Radio 2 show.

Well, now the boys have done that too. A double whammy for the KP's !

The Baron's new pad

The Van Schtoops have recently purchased a third property in view of Allerton Castle, Yorkshire becoming their Spring residence following their annual Winter break in the Caribbean. The grade 1 listing marks Allerton as a structure of outstanding architectural and historical importance. One of the grandest surviving Gothic revival country houses.

Wedding Bells

Here in the KP camp, we're all really pleased to congratulate Mighty Matt Foundling and his bride, the lovely Elise Hopkins for tying the knot in June of 2013. We wish them much love and happiness for the fuure x

His Majesty's Pleasure


May of 2012 saw the King finally have a real ale named after him, thanks to Tim Young at the Patriot Brewery in Warwickshire. Here we see the King behind the bar of The Norman Knight, Whichford, pulling himself a pint of himself !

His Majesty's Pleasure

And here we are back again in 2013 !

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